First-day Calling

It is really important that if your child isn’t in school for any reason that you contact us as soon as possible. If we haven’t been contacted as to why your child is absent by 9:30am, you will become part of out First-day Calling procedure. All schools having a robust First-day Calling procedure in place.


Please call 0121 569 2799


What is First-day Calling?

If we haven’t received a message to where your child is by the close of registers, our office staff will start ringing down your child’s contact list to find out where your child is. They will ring and text message all contacts until we locate where your child is. If no contact is made school may have to visit your home or contact the police, after making a risk assessment.

Why is it necessary?

It is necessary so that we know all our children are safe.

What should we do?

If your child is not at school please ring as soon as possible and let us know. Please be reminded that school starts and registers close at 9:40 am and our Centre Manager regularly reviews all children's attendance.

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