Finding a school for your child

All children who are International New Arrivals have to be placed in a school by a panel of all the Headteachers in Sandwell.

Many schools in Sandwell are already full in many year groups. This means you will be given a place in school that has a space in the year group your child is in.

This also means:

  • You may not get the school you choose.
  • You may have children offered different places in different schools.
  • You may have to travel to the school given, but you may be able to apply for a bus pass.

Sandwell Local authority must offer your child a school but also “Ensure a fair and equitable distribution of hard to place pupils across the borough and as such refer to paragraph 3.11 of the Admission’s Code: There is no duty for local authorities or admission authorities to comply with parental preference when allocating places through the Fair Access Protocol”.

If you are unhappy with the school that has been allocated, you can appeal by completing the Appeal form, but this is a process and you should not keep your child out of education for the duration of the appeal, as it may be unsuccessful if there are no places at your preferred school. If you do not send your child to the allocated school, you could be referred to the Attendance and Prosecution Service.

Your child can not stay at STEPS once they have been allocated a school.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the STEPS Centre.

Tracy Cockayne

Centre Manager

0121 569 2799

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